retreat in Colorado | FEB 9th – 11th


Join us for a

Colorado Retreat

A heart-opening and life-affirming weekend among friends

What, When & Where

February 9 -11

Denver Metro, at a beautiful Airbnb

What you might experience

Deep experience of love

Sense of (comm)unity

Touchstone or access point for change

Clearing, letting go, or more freed-up-ness

Coming to know more of who you are

Joy. Love. Freedom. Space. Harmony.

Maybe none of those. Probably other things too.

Context for this work

This experience has been organized based on a perspective that the following together create an opportunity for transformation and a deepening into all of who you are:

Your Intention

Context & Environment

Sacred Wisdom

Supportive Community

Integration, made aware

Why we’re doing this -

This is Jenna and Jaclyn, organizers of the experience.

We find experiences like these enhance the richness of life. It’s not often we cull-out intentional time to deepen our understanding of self. It feels special to zoom-out from our fast-paced lives, take inventory, and give & receive TLC.

When we do these things, we find depth is the result: Pain is alchemized into resilience, fear into courage, and uncertainty into self-love. These alchemies don’t need to be limited to the weekend: the experience becomes an access point, a touchstone you can bring with you into your everyday life. This touchstone can be a place to act from, so life blooms-forth from this soil. How fun!

We think, experiencing the sacred dance of transformation in community is the spice of life and gateway to truth.

Strength emerges for individuals and the collective. This can be deeply nourishing and create rich connection. We’re so happy you’re part of this conversation / exploration with us.

Facilitation & Who is Supporting

While we’re putting together and planning this event, our main facilitator for the meditation sessions has years of experience. We also aim to involve other experienced practitioners, ensuring that this peak experience is well-guided and purposeful, complete with a clear beginning, middle, end, and aftermath. Think of yourself as the Frodo in this journey, with the rest of us as your Sams.

Examples may include:

Important Note –

Everything is (obviously) optional. In other words, if there is a guided meditation, and you don’t want to participate, that’s great! You can always enjoy the Airbnb or opt-out. We look at this like a menu of options, not a compulsory path.

By Invitation Only

This experience is by invitation only. If you wish to extend this invitation to others, please feel free to contact us.

Choose the investment that’s right for you

To inspire interconnectedness and community, we’re trying out something different with how we handle investment. We’re offering a sliding scale. Although we provide some suggestions below, the idea is that you pick the amount that feels like a match for you.



More Context -

We will put the funds toward an Airbnb, expert facilitators, and great food

We want to maximize the accessibility of this experience

We think this approach will creates a sense of community and interdependence

What’s Included -

Your journey includes:

  • pre-weekend group call
  • comfortable lodging
  • supplements
  • expert facilitation
  • powerful ceremonies
  • integration activities
  • nourishing meals/food
  • post-weekend group calls

More Context -

Closer to the date of the weekend, we will send specific details and an itinerary. We will also send all of the supportive material needed to help you prepare before the weekend.

For planning purposes:

  • The lodging will be in the Greater Denver Metro Area
  • If flying, we recommend arriving at Denver International Airport (DEN)
  • Plan to arrive no later than 2pm MST on Friday, February 9th
  • Plan to stay at least until Sunday afternoon. Our recommendation is that you stay until Monday to give yourself space.
  • All activities will be on-site. Plan to stay in the house/location Friday to Sunday.


Please ask! You know where to find us.

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